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A coupon for a free appetizer is a great way to entice customers to sample your menu. Regular customers may take the opportunity to try something new.  If they like it, they may tell their friends.  Of course being a cheapskate and applying the free coupon to the lowest priced appetizer, such as a half order of bread sticks, may also result in customers telling their friends.  Why not create an experience worth talking about that benefits both you and your customer?

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Photo credit: Junior Melo

I really enjoy listening to TED Talks.  The ideas below were inspired and taken from the talk given by Eddie Obeng,  Smart failure for a fast-changing world

Every morning I get up travel across thirty minutes across town to an office with a little desk. I spend eight hours producing various web content and getting paid for each task. The content I produce scales. So I’m producing content for a company that scales but I don’t scale in this environment.

But content I produce for my own purposes does scale. It is now possible to be in multiple places at one time. There is the real me walking around in the real world and there is the cyber me. The cyber me has the capacity to work continually. The cyber me has the ability to connect around the world continually.

I was told by a that marketing never changes, but that is not true. Everything changes. In fact our world is changing at an incredible pace. Old answers to problems may not be correct anymore. The rules concerning how our world operates changed. To be competition, we have to continually evolve.

Right now I’m sitting at my computer writing this blog in hopes to connect with a few like minded people. Hoping to attract new opportunities and maybe create a few. I can do this because the The density of interaction has increased. When I connected to the internet, I became global.

Of course none of this matters if I don’t put things into action. The key component to any vision is implementation. If I don’t execute the plan, the vision doesn’t matter.

A carefully crafted press release is sent it to all major news outlets.  No one used it, the event, product or service did not get promoted as hoped. Why?

The press release did not get chosen because it was smothered under an avalanche of thousands of press releases. It never had a chance.

Imagine this scenario, the work day begins with email being opened.  There before the eyes of a handful of people are thousands of emails.  A dozen get chosen to move to the next round.  Those spots are reserved for drama.  High drama is possible.  Which means an event in which no one dies, gets hurt or causes some other commotion gets looked over.

What can the writer of the press release do?

More than likely they have a precious commodity at their fingertips, just begging for a chance to get noticed.

Contact info from the people she wants to reach.  Contact info from people who already use the product, service or event.

One idea the person could try is a carefully crafted email campaign.  After all a group of people entrusted her with their email address.  As long as she is careful and respects what has been entrusted to her, there should not be a problem with sending an occasional email.

All of us have an address book, we just need to tap that resource.

We also need to be ready to return the favor for those who have helped us.

If we as a culture are so opposed to bullying, then why  does so much of our entertainment revolve around people being bullied?

When a child is beaten to death by bullies, we get angry.  When someone commits suicide because they were bullied, we are saddened.

Why then, do we continue to support entertainment that glorifies the bully?

I use to have a hope that the economy would turn around and the job market would grow.  But now I’m convinced that the job market is not going to rebound and the job market will shrink even more.

I’m convinced that our world changed, more specifically the rules governing our world changed.  Now we live in a connected world.  Information travels at lighting speeds and it is delivered to our pockets.

Which means you and I have the ability to deliver our message directly to the people we want to touch.  It also means that they can more easily reject our message.  So it is probably a good idea for that first message to be one that creates a relationship.

There is all kinds of information that is available to us today.  We can get it delivered to our pocket at lightening fast speeds.  We can get it in a variety of forms and formats.  So why would anyone settle for stale information delivered in a traditional format at a set time of day.
Stuff is happening around us all the time.  Stuff we need to know about it.  Of course there is a filter problem because there is a whole lot of stuff happening all around us.  Our opportunity then is to filter out the noise and find the information that is useful.

The most interesting reading you and I can find on the internet are the profiles of the people in our network.

Everything we need to know to start a relationship is contained in the profile. Imagine taking the information you just learned and reaching out.

One thing to keep in mind, the people in your network have entrusted you with their information and a way to contact them. Protect that privilege. Once it is gone, you may not get it back.

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