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A carefully crafted press release is sent it to all major news outlets.  No one used it, the event, product or service did not get promoted as hoped. Why?

The press release did not get chosen because it was smothered under an avalanche of thousands of press releases. It never had a chance.

Imagine this scenario, the work day begins with email being opened.  There before the eyes of a handful of people are thousands of emails.  A dozen get chosen to move to the next round.  Those spots are reserved for drama.  High drama is possible.  Which means an event in which no one dies, gets hurt or causes some other commotion gets looked over.

What can the writer of the press release do?

More than likely they have a precious commodity at their fingertips, just begging for a chance to get noticed.

Contact info from the people she wants to reach.  Contact info from people who already use the product, service or event.

One idea the person could try is a carefully crafted email campaign.  After all a group of people entrusted her with their email address.  As long as she is careful and respects what has been entrusted to her, there should not be a problem with sending an occasional email.

All of us have an address book, we just need to tap that resource.

We also need to be ready to return the favor for those who have helped us.


Perhaps you’ve seen and heard the reprocessed major form of REM’s Losing My Religion  it certainly blew my mind when I heard it.  I think this might be a good example of purple cow with a l Tong tail.

Purple Cow

Seth Godin says if you are traveling down the road and see a bunch of cows you don’t think twice, because cows are boring.  But if see a purple cow you take notice. Therefore in business as in life you want to be a purple cow.

The Long Tail

Chris Anderson‘s book and the original article begins by telling a story of a book about mountain climbing called Touching the Void.  It did okay and then was forgotten.  A decade later another book about mountain climbing, Into Thin Air, comes on the scene.  Its success generates interest in the Touching the Void.  It turns out that the first book was part of Amazon’s recommendations to people who purchased Into Thin Air.

REM in major notes

The new reprocessed version of the original song is getting quite a bit of attention.  It’s a purple cow.  Anyone growing up when the song was released remembers the downer notes and somber feel.  The major notes change the imagery in the video.  It changes the whole feel of the song.

After I heard the new version I listened to the old version on my iPod.  I’m certain that I’m not the only one to do so.  What I expect to happen, is that people not familiar with the song or band will check them out.  It should be interesting to see if there is an increase in downloads for the original song.


While not to diminish the amount of work that went into this project, if you have a computer and access to some snazzy software, then you have all the tools to produce a purple cow.  The question is will you?

A recent glance at the job postings on any job board should be proof enough of the same old same old in the job market.  If you want to get that special job, the one you have always dreamed of, then you will have to start producing projects and sharing them with the world.

But you will have to produce better than good projects.  Mediocre simply won’t do anymore.  It’s not enough to show you are able to use the software and plug in cables.  You will have to shine.  You will have to take chances.  That means some of your projects may fail.  Failure is okay.  Failure is good.  Every failure has the potential to move you closer to success.

Now go fire up your Mac, download some way cool software and do something extraordinary.

The competition was more successful because they take more chance more often and they didn’t wait to see what you are going to do.

The competition is more successful because they make their own opportunities. Sometimes they pay off, other times they do not.

The competition is more successful because they are doing the hard work everyday.

If you want to have the same impact as the competition; take more chances, make your own opportunities, do the hard work everyday.

Stop trying to do what they do. Play your own game.

A long time ago our ancestors gathered around fires in caves and painted on the walls.  There is all sort of speculation about why they did this and what the paintings mean.  What I find most interesting is that the tribe came together and shared information.  They shared with each other neighboring clans.  What are you doing to share with information with your tribe and the neighboring clans?
Photo credit: Wikipedia
Imagine you get on the bus or tram in the morning with a cup of coffee and your smart phone.  As you settle into your commute your phone alerts you that the morning edition of the news has arrived.  You swipe the phone and there you go.  A similar experience occurs on the commute home and in a split second you are checking out the afternoon news.
Now lets make it a little more interesting and sign you up for a little subscription.  Now the news is delivered to your phone, tablet or laptop with no advertising.  Choose the next level and your news arrives with zero ads, additional alerts and more in-depth coverage.  If you choose the top level you also get behind the scenes access that no one else gets.  Not a bad subscription, especially when the news is presented in a multimedia format that takes advantage of every feature of your mobile device.
Why a subscription instead of a pay wall?  Simply because a subscription allows your customer to choose.  It’s a transaction in which they choose the level they are interested.  In return you provide them with content of value.  A wall implies is an obstacle and to get around it you must pay a toll.
I’ll take the subscription.
Photo credit: Elvis Santana

Reuters reports that digital ads sales are starting to dry up for newspapers.  So now what?  Perhaps its time for newspapers to come up with alternative revenue models.  Revenue models that don’t rely on digital ad sales.  Here’s the link to the article.

If you have some ideas put them in the comments.  I would love to offer newspapers a good solution to keep the presses rolling.

Photo Credit: Gokhan Okur

The other week my wife and I went to a restaurant for some appetizers. We ordered spinach and art home dip. Half way through the dip my wife look at me and said, “Have you found any artichokes yet?”. “Not yet.” I replied.

When we were done we found two small pieces of artichoke in our spinach and artichoke dip. So I guess we really ate spinach and piece of artichoke dip. The lesson is that when you promise something to your readers, customers, and clients you should deliver. It’s great if you can over promise. But under promising is the kiss of death.

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