Connected-world_Junior Melo

Photo credit: Junior Melo

I really enjoy listening to TED Talks.  The ideas below were inspired and taken from the talk given by Eddie Obeng,  Smart failure for a fast-changing world

Every morning I get up travel across thirty minutes across town to an office with a little desk. I spend eight hours producing various web content and getting paid for each task. The content I produce scales. So I’m producing content for a company that scales but I don’t scale in this environment.

But content I produce for my own purposes does scale. It is now possible to be in multiple places at one time. There is the real me walking around in the real world and there is the cyber me. The cyber me has the capacity to work continually. The cyber me has the ability to connect around the world continually.

I was told by a that marketing never changes, but that is not true. Everything changes. In fact our world is changing at an incredible pace. Old answers to problems may not be correct anymore. The rules concerning how our world operates changed. To be competition, we have to continually evolve.

Right now I’m sitting at my computer writing this blog in hopes to connect with a few like minded people. Hoping to attract new opportunities and maybe create a few. I can do this because the The density of interaction has increased. When I connected to the internet, I became global.

Of course none of this matters if I don’t put things into action. The key component to any vision is implementation. If I don’t execute the plan, the vision doesn’t matter.