It is really not hard to gain “Likes” and “Friends” and such. Most the time you click a button and BOOM, more. But unless you know the person on the other end on that click, you have only gained an opportunity to connect. That is the hard part. Why? Because it is scary to connect with people.

To connect you have to take a chance of rejection. It works like this; “Hi my name is David. Do you want to be my friend? Do you like tacos, I love tacos.” to which the other person my respond with utter silence. They may say no I don’t want to be your friend. But they may respond; “My name ________. Sure I’ll be your friend, I love tacos. Let me introduce you to some of my other friends.”

Today it is more important than ever to connect, really connect with people. The opportunity to do so is much greater than in the past. I can reach out to someone on the other side of the world. We can build a relationship and make great changes in the world. Or it could lead to a game of chess over email.

Sure it is scary to try to connect. But we have to do it. So here is my challenge. Start going through your connections, read their profiles, visit their websites and blogs, everything they are willing to share and then reach out and say hi. Connect with them. The opportunity we have been waiting for could very well be in our address books right now.