A recent trip to a local bookstore revealed an astonishing amount of books with a white dust jacket and red or black serif type on the spine. They all kind of ran together and I found it hard to focus on anyone of them. A few books stood out with brightly colored dust jackets sans serif typeface. Those were the ones I picked up and purchased.

Today anyone can make something. You don’t need to have any real specialized knowledge to produce a webpage or write a book or record a song or make a movie. Most of the tools can be found on the laptop that is sitting on the desk in the your living room. All you really need is an idea and the guts to share it with your tribe.

Since the barriers of production have been lowered and even dropped in some cases, it is more important than ever to practice good design. It is more important than ever to do work that matters. The other option is to blend in and be mediocre. Of course this means taking time to learn what good design is and sharing it with the public.