It is funny how we turn on our heroes when they are exposed as flawed individuals. We on such a high pedestal that no one can realistically keep balance on. Yet despite the impending doom they insist on staying high on top that pedestal. Often we find they are so intent on staying on top that they would do anything to keep the position. It seems as if they forget why we placed them on their perch. The the fall comes and we turn on them like a pack of zombies seeking fresh flesh to devour.

What is particularly funny about this whole area of our culture is that we readily accept the flaws of those we shouldn’t embrace as flawed. Look to our elected officials and you find hundreds of people who regularly miss our low expectations and yet we accept the behavior and move on as if nothing has happened. Few people expect out elected leaders to live by a code of ethics, tell the truth or keep a promise. We expect them to lie, cheat and steal. Every once and a while someone comes on the scene with a code of conduct in heart and hand. Most often they are scoffed at as being old fashioned and out of touch.

Then there are the extremely flawed , even messed up individuals we hail as true heroes. We not only accept their flaws but revel in their antics and emulate their behavior. I for one do not understand this phenomenon, but I suppose it is easier to live closer to the ground in the muck, than to live a little bit higher. It makes me sad for this generation. More than likely they will never experience true heroes, even flawed heroes. Instead they will have pop stars, reality television stars and celebrities to look up.

It certainly is funny how we pick heroes and which ones we stand by at all costs.