In recent weeks it has felt as if my lizard brain setup a hamster wheel in my head and start running around, leaving me dazed and unmotivated. I finally snapped out of it once I realized that I had been participating in lizard brain activities. Then it dawned on me that even though I haven’t gotten much accomplished over the last few weeks I have learned a great deal. Below is a short list of things I’ve learned recently.

Creative work is hard. Really hard. When you start working on a project that requires you to think and produce something it can get a little rough. When that happens you have to trudge onward or risk getting stuck. Trudging on isn’t much fun, but getting stuck is far worse.

Sometimes you have to cut a project loose. If you find yourself bogged down and the project is taking time away from other projects, then you might need to drop it.

If you are going to create a project that involves multiple departments in multiple locations, you really need to have a project lead. If you don’t do this, then you have multiple people working on various stages of the project whether its time for that stage or not. You also risk creating a failed project.

Never underestimate the importance of people skills. Invest in the people around you. You may find that you need them to advance your agenda or project.

There is no substitute for good customer service. Don’t think so? Just visit a restaurant that has bad service. Now think about that each day you go to your office. Duplicate good service every chance you get.

It is far better to say “I did the best I good with the knowledge I had” than to say “it was someone else’s fault.

It is far worse to say “I could have done it all along, but no invited me to make the product or service better.”

Family time is one the most important investments you can make. It is more important than work time. Turn off the television, put down the laptop and do something with your spouse, kids, and/or parents.

The only thing more important than family time is the time you spend with God. Make it a priority to pray and read God’s word.