Edisto Island Sunset

Suppose you had a week to live. Would you spend it going to work everyday? I’m going to guess, no. I’d spend it making as many memories with my family as I possibly could cram into a week, day and minute. We aren’t promised tomorrow, let alone the week. So why don’t we live as if today were our last, everyday?

Why do we trudge to jobs that only partially stimulate our brain? Why do we allow stress to take hold and ruin our day? Why do we let our work life take precedence over everything else? Because it is expected. That’s what generations have done before.

Here’s a challenge, when you get to work today have a talk with your boss that goes like this:

“Because my family is so much more important, they take precedence. In fact I’ll have to cut out early every Friday to take my child to get ice cream. So that report that I keep working on, but know seems interested in using will have to wait”

That is probably not going to be okay with your employer. Oh, they’ll agree that family is important. Then their going to tell you about the work place family and how people are depending on you. Finally they will demand that you give them total attention, even in your off hours. And that is when your head starts to pound and your lizard brain will start crawling around warning you of the folly of new things.

What is the solution to this out of balance work/life problem? Make your own path. You have gained skills that makes your employer money. Those skills can make you money. So start today. Get out a sheet of paper and start brainstorming ways that you can launch your thing.

Don’t quit your day job yet. But start working on your project.

Make sure you send your lizard brain to the back of the room where it belongs.