Photo credit: Stockholm Transit Museum

Over the weekend we took my little boy to the circus.  Yes we struggled with the question “are the animals treated fairly?”  But the tickets were free and we thought why not?  My wife and I are still mixed about how circus animals are treated.  What I can report is the circus was much smaller than the one I remember as a child. There weren’t very many animals.  They had horses, elephants and tigers.  There was a lot of acrobatics.

The horses were brought into a tiny ring where they ran around in circles following one another.  The lead horse stayed right on queue.  He didn’t waiver or try to move to the side.  That is why he is the lead horse.  The last horse was very frisky.  He wore an extra piece on his harness that held his head down.  I wanted that horse to break free and run away.  He seemed to still have dreams of running free in the plains.
If you are currently participating in this rat race of a work world, then you are an animal in the circus.  Moving to the top means doing what you are told to perfection.  Don’t be that animal!  Be the one in the back trying to break free.  Better yet, bite your trainer and make a run for it.  Create your own destiny.