Photo credit: Joe Baz

If you don’t jump, you won’t fly.

Going out on your own is a completely frightening act.  It is scary, to say the least.  You might fail.  You might fail BIG!  The alternative is safe.  It is warm and cozy.  More than likely it is completely unsatisfying.  So I want to encourage you to break free.  I’m not advocating that you just quit your job.  Unless of course you can do that, then I am advising you to quit your job and start out on your own.  If you are young, start now.  Don’t enter the job market.  Make your own.  It gets harder to branch out on your own, the older you get.  If you have a family depending on you, then you have to pace the move.  So if you are young go for it.  Yes I’m still working a 9-5 job.  But I am taking the advice of Jon Acuff, Quitter.  I’m up at 5 am on a vacation day writing.  I’m working on my escape plan.  Join me and start working on you escape plan.  Join the business counter culture.