I remember reading this article about some physicist who figure out a problem that Einstein only theorized about.  But the guy couldn’t get published because he wasn’t part of the establishment.  Turns out he was unwilling to become part of the establishment.  He wanted to surf and solve math problems.  That’s what turned him on.  To be part of the establishment meant giving that up.

So the guy did something daring.  He presented all his findings to the online community and said check my math look over my theories and lets talk about.  And he got some responses.  Now let’s consider how different our careers would be if we decided to put that one thing we are passionate about first and tailored our career around it.  But lets go further, what if we also wrapped our education around such a passion.

This is the place where I’m suppose to write that I’m not telling you to quit your job or do something drastic.  But I am telling to think about quitting your job and doing something drastic.  I’m telling to talk a long hard look at your life and make a decision to make it better.  That’s what I’m doing right now, making my life better.