In college sports a one and done plays ball for a year and then leaves for the pros.  During that year he must showcase his skill in such a way to attract pro scouts or develop his talent to a higher level. 

What if we applied this practice to other disciplines? 

Imagine attending college with the express purpose of showcasing your skills or developing them at a high enough level to go pro at the end of the year (or two).  It’s not completely out of the question.  You simply need to approach college from a different perspective.  Instead of taking recommended courses you study the what’s available and take courses based on value.  Your goal is to end your time with enough projects under your belt to showcase your talent.

But what if you applied this to your career.  Imagine being a one and done at your current job for the purpose of advancing your career.


Photo credit:Przemyslaw ‘env1ro’ Szczepanski