Imagine you get on the bus or tram in the morning with a cup of coffee and your smart phone.  As you settle into your commute your phone alerts you that the morning edition of the news has arrived.  You swipe the phone and there you go.  A similar experience occurs on the commute home and in a split second you are checking out the afternoon news.
Now lets make it a little more interesting and sign you up for a little subscription.  Now the news is delivered to your phone, tablet or laptop with no advertising.  Choose the next level and your news arrives with zero ads, additional alerts and more in-depth coverage.  If you choose the top level you also get behind the scenes access that no one else gets.  Not a bad subscription, especially when the news is presented in a multimedia format that takes advantage of every feature of your mobile device.
Why a subscription instead of a pay wall?  Simply because a subscription allows your customer to choose.  It’s a transaction in which they choose the level they are interested.  In return you provide them with content of value.  A wall implies is an obstacle and to get around it you must pay a toll.
I’ll take the subscription.
Photo credit: Elvis Santana