When you buy a new stereo system it often comes with presets, also known as default settings. Believe its safe to say most people never change the defaults settings. They just accept what the manufacturer produced as being the best and go about their life none the wiser.  Others dare to tweak and discover a richer musical experience.

Then there are objects like bicycles that have multiple gears or options. Can you imagine riding a ten speed and never changing the gears. You just accept that the gear it was sold to you in is the one you should use. Obviously you’ll want to change the gears every now then.

Our world also comes with certain defaults as well.  You are expected to go to school, following the rules, graduate go back to school get a job and settle in for the rest of your life.  You are expected to keep you eyes down and do what you are told.  You are expected to be compliant no deviation is allowed.

After care thought and some deep reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that there must be a different way to live.  You and I don’t have to accept the default settings handed to us.  We can change them.  Given our current economic environment you could that we must change the settings.  The old way isn’t going to produce the same comfortable results it did in the past.

At this point your probably expecting me to tell you how to change the settings. Truth of the matter is I don’t know.  Working on it in my own life.  What I do know is you can change the settings.  You do not have to accept the default.

Photo credit: Ambrozjo, http://www.sxc.hu