I was glancing through the newspaper at my parents house this morning when I saw an ad for a local strip club that got my attention.  The copy in the ad promoted a “Full Kitchen” and a “New Menu”.  Now I have never been to a strip club, nor do I ever plan on going to one.  But I have to assume that food is not the reason patrons go to one of these establishments.  At least I hope its not the reason.  So I have to ask what’s wrong with their product that they have to promise bells, wolf whistles and the kitchen sink to get customers.  A more important and useful question; are you having to promise everything and the kitchen sink to attract and keep customers?  If your looking for a job; Are you making all kinds of promises to get noticed?

We’re living in a tough economic climate.  Adding plumbing can be expensive.  Its probably better to take a second and third look at your product or service.  You might even consider an honest gut check about the way you treat your customers.  If your not producing raving fans, you may need to make changes to the way you do business.  If your looking for a job, then you are the product.  Are you presenting yourself as the best product on the market.  Are you attempting to attract anyone with a job to offer.  Make yourself indispensable.  But please leave the bells, wolf whistles and kitchen sink to your competition.