Couple of months ago I received an Amazon Kindle gift card and few bucks in cash.  I knew right away that most of that would be spent on books.  Do I buy paper books or e-books?  The answer came last night as I downloaded to e-books from the Kindle store and distributed them across three devices.  That’s the moment I knew why I place a higher value on e-books.  Its simple really, an e-book allows me to take my entire library with me. The ability to continue reading no matter where I am is important to me.  I can probably only carry one real book around at a time.  I still like paper books, but I have to say I am a true e-book convert.

Consider the possibilities, students can load their entire semesters reading on an e-reader.  We just saved some one from future back pain.  If the student has all her books available, she can study any subject at anytime.  Couple the ability to read anywhere with an email address or a Facebook page and discussion groups could breakout anywhere.  Imagine kids in Kentucky discussing a book with a kid in California and Germany.  Its entirely possible.  Think of the amount of knowledge that little group can gain from three different perspectives.

If you ask me every kid in the United States should be issued an e-reader with internet capabilities.  All of their text books should be loaded on to it along with a word processor and email.  How much fun would it be to pick a project partner from another state or country.  Its all possible by upgrading to technology we have at our fingertips and that most kids have already mastered.