I could hear the television on in the background as I got ready to start the day.  Top story, accidental drowning of Whitney Houston after using cocaine.  The story was repeated word for word four times in twenty minutes.  The others used as filler included a breakthrough on a missing person, something to do about Afghanistan, and something about storing information, privacy rights and the Obama administration.  None of the three stories provided enough information for me to even describe in the last sentence.  But all three seem to be of some greater importance than the Whitney Houston story.

Sure I understand she was a cultural icon, extremely talented at one time and is certainly a tragic story. So don’t send me a bunch of hate mail.  The truth is there really isn’t more to say.  Whereas gathering and storing information about the citizens seems to warrant a little more information.  I’d like to know what information is being gathered and how.  Not to mention why we should take the word of a government official that we can trust them to do the right thing with the information.  What about the missing person?  Did they fall prey to some sinister being?  Then there is Afghanistan.  What is going on with the war?  Give me some details, please.

The sad truth is the main story all day long will be the results of Whitney Houston’s autopsy.  Everything else will be fill material.  That is until the basketball games start tonight.  More than likely every news show will explore the and debate the Whitney Houston story and everything else will get a passing glance at best.

If I’m not mistaken we still live in a pretty big world.  There are lots and lots of stories to cover.  Many are much more important to our present and future.  Here are a few stories I’d love to hear about: Japan, Haiti, tornadoes that hit three weeks ago, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and energy.  There are lots of stories.  Where are the reporters to write about them.  Did news organizations downsize to the point that they can only use quick wire stories?

Just another reason I go to the internet for news around the world.