It seems that the news publishing world is still asking the question, “How do we save print media, while embracing new media?”  Perhaps the more important question is which is more important the method used to deliver the news or the news itself?

If the answer is news, then why not explore ways to deliver it to your readers, viewers, or better yet your clients.  Its time to stop trying to save an outdated delivery system and start using new media.  As far as I can tell most newspapers haven’t developed new media beyond a bare bones department. Their goal is to reformat the printed version of the paper on the internet.

I propose newspapers start employing expanding their new media department.  There is a whole new world of technology available.  Why not use it?  Hire more reporters, copy editors and designers.  Put them in new media.  Give the reporters small video cameras to record events and interviews, then publish.  Hire multiple web designers and graphic designers to develop user interfaces and it wouldn’t hurt to put a team together whose sole job is to work on user experience.