Reading a newspaper

I grew up in a house full of newspaper readers and when I was younger the newspaper was delivered in the afternoons. We not only read the newspaper, we discussed it at the dinner table. My mom and dad tell me that at one time they subscribed to both state papers, The Lexington Herald-Leader and The Louisville Courier Journal. They still subscribe to The Lexington Herald-Leader. Back in the day our newspaper was delivered to our doorstep every afternoon. I miss the afternoon paper

Afternoon delivery was a good system, because you could hire kids to deliver the newspapers. Incentive systems were easy, have a contest, give away good prizes to the person who sold the most papers. The people delivering the newspaper could slow down a bit and take the time to aim when they threw the paper at your doorstep.

One day someone decided morning delivery was better. They said morning delivery allows us to hold the press longer and print the most current story. That decision turned paper boys and girls into independent contractors with other interests. It also changed the discussions at the dinner table.

Morning delivery promised fresh news. That might have been true before there were five cable news channels. The fact is front page stories have often times been discussed on several news shows long before the paper hits the presses. If you have smartphone or news updates streaming on your computer then your learning about events as they happen.

These days I don’t even buy a newspaper. Truth is there’s an app for that or I check my Twitter feed. There are a half a dozen ways to get news today and I use all of them, with the exception of a physical newspaper. I just pick up my iPad or iPod and check the world out.