January is almost over and I’ll bet you’re either doing great with your goals or you’re about to kick them to the curb. If you’re making progress, congratulations, I’m proud of you. If you’re getting ready to kick them to the curb, stop. Don’t do it.

Are you tracking your goals? Do you have a way of recording small focused actions? If you don’t I suggest you start. I started using The Domino Project’s Pick Four Planner this year. The first week was pretty good. The second week just okay. Week three was a total disaster. So I reviewed my actions, looked at my goals and realized I had two problems. First problem, motivation. I just wasn’t motivated to get up early and do the work. Second problem two of my goals weren’t measurable. Now I can make adjustments in my plan.

Its easy to get discouraged when you stumble so early in the year. But remember you have the rest of the year to go. As long as you keep working on your goals you’ll move closer them. So don’t stop. Keep going. Develop a way to record your activities, track your progress and make adjustments.