Auto racing is just around the corner and I can’t wait to hear the rumble of the engines. The cars look amazing as they prepare to start the race. Then a curious thing happens, the cars lose their luster. They get dirty, acquire dings and dents. Some of them breakdown and some wreck. End of race. As I’m watching a race I notice that some cars move on the track unscathed.

Its important to have a strategy in place to alleviate the stress of the race on the car and the driver. Its also important to have a strategy to optimize the strengths of the car and driver. The same could be said for you and I. We need a strategy to alleviate the stress of the race while optimizing our strengths.

Here’s a couple of ideas. First of you need to gather data while you run your race. You need information that tells you how your moving toward your goals, how are you feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually. This information will tell you what you need to do to reach your goal. Any race car driver will tell you there are three goals in every race. The first goal is to get on the podium, second finish in the points, and third finish the race. You want to finish the race.

Second idea is pitstop strategy. In racing pitstops are used to change tires, add fuel, fix broken parts or change drivers. Often times the information gathered throughout the race from onboard computers and the driver will tell the team if they are on pace with their strategy or if they need to rethink and retool. The information you gather throughout the day, week, month will tell you the same thing. But first you have to take time to record it and then you need to take time to evaluate it.

If you don’t have a method of recording progress and setbacks go to Staples and buy a little notebook and a pencil. Start keeping track of your race. A good pitstop strategy will help you finish your race.

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