According to The War of Art by Steven Pressfield resistance often takes the form of fear, in particular the fear of success.  Pressfield refers to this as the worst kind of fear.  Why, because success means a break from what we know.  In other words we would rather be comfortable in misery than feel the joy of success.  Success means we may lose friends and family.

But consider the flip side, success means new friends, perhaps stronger family relationships and a higher consciousness.  I can only conclude that doing the work to move towards success is far greater than not doing the work and staying where you and I are.

If we look at this from the standpoint of faith it means the fear of success keeps us from moving closer to God.  It means we settle for our station instead of taking the next step.  In terms borrowed from Secrets of the Vine it means we settle for a basket half full or empty.

So what do we do?  We do the work.  If you’re a writer you write, a painter you paint. If you want to move closer to God, you read His word, memorize it, pray, share your faith.  You know what you need to do to know success.  It means that you set time aside to do the work to move one step closer.  That means you have to give up some of a good life so you can experience a better life.

Working towards a better life can be scary, intimidating, wonderful and fantastic. So we don’t do the work.  Writing this essay is scary.  Publishing it is terrifying!  It calls me out, points to weaknesses in my own life.  It means I’ve exposed myself  to rejection.  Its necessary if I’m to move forward.