One of my favorite things to do is watch commercials.  Lately I’ve noticed one that has group of people gathering  for a meeting in a conference room.  They are opening laptops, netbooks and tablets all the while making fun of their coworker with a legal pad and a fountain pen.  Finally the guy pulls out his smart phone buys a laptop from ebay and reveals an ink stain on his shirt.

I have to say that I really dislike this commercial.  First of all I like fountain pens.  In fact I’m a bit of a pen snob.  But it dawns on me that the guy with the fountain pen has the best machine in the room.  He has a smart phone, he’s mobile.  His contacts, documents, calendar, and any number of other important pieces of information are on that phone.  What’s not on the phone is in the cloud.  If you ask me the most technically advanced person in the room it the guy going mobile.