Pawleys Island, South Carolina

I find the ocean so inspiring that I long to return as soon as I’ve left.  There is no other place on earth where I experience absolute peace than on a beach.  It makes me feel small and significant.  If you’ve ever gathered seashells, you’ve noticed that pieces of large shells are tossed all over the beach.  Yet the tiniest shells are completely unharmed by the same waves that destroyed the larger ones.  At the oceans edge it pays to be small.

A professor in a design class I took showed a video about Georgia O’Keeffe.  It said she loved the western United States so much that she would fill barrels full of animal bones and ship them back home to her studio in New York.  There she painted those marvelous paintings.  I employ a similar method with jars of seashells all around our home.

The ocean inspires me.  What inspires you?  Have you found a way to capture that magic? Can you tap into it at anytime you wish?  I hope so and if not I encourage you to find a way to do so.