You ever watch a bunch of kids play a game?  I watched my son learn to play a game he didn’t know.  It seems that he went thru 4 stages. First, he watched the other kids play and began to get a sense of the game.  Second, he started experimenting or mimicking the other kids.  Third, He started participating in the game.  Fourth, his patience was reward with being a part of the game.

So if we approach life is a game, then we should be able to follow the same steps .  Watch what’s going on around us, experiment or start hacking the system.  Take what we’ve learned in d participate in some meaningful form.  Finally fit in with the organization.

But if we take this one or two steps further.  What if once you’ve figured out the system you were able to leverage your knowledge. Then you’d start making a difference.  Perhaps perhaps become indispensable; a linchpin.  That would no doubt offer you the chance to step out and lead.

Just some thoughts after watching some kids play a game.