2012 Indycar prototype

The new indycar looks a rocket and is loaded with safety features

Sunday afternoon my family went to the park to watch my nephew play flag football.  When we got home I grabbed my iPod Touch to get an update on the Indy car race in Las VegasTony Kanaan won pole and I was anxious to see him win the race.  When I launched the Facebook App I learned of the massive crash and Dan Wheldon‘s death.

I tried to find news on television, but couldn’t so I fired up my iMac and watched the replay of the crash on Youtube and started searching for news reports concerning the other drivers.  I guess that is when I realized how much I rely on nontraditional news sources to learn about my world.

The next day as I checked out @tonykanaan on Twitter and discovered a sad and brilliant reality.  There are no barriers between me and anyone in the world.  In that feed I found @jimmiejohnson, @marioandretti, @paultracy and @pippmann all discussing the tragedy that occurred the day before.  All discussing how to make the sport safer.

Here’s the brilliant part; if there are no barriers, then you and I can collaborate with anyone on the web.  We can collaborate with any company with a web presence.  Which means we can make huge advances in any area we want, before the next tragedy occurs.

As far as auto racing goes I hope that we don’t loose another driver.  I look forward to seeing the new car  on the racetrack, knowing Dan Wheldon helped to develop the new safety features in the cockpit.