My brother once told me that he read where mission statements should only be found in combat and the walls at NASA.  This probably makes Stephen Covey‘s head spin.  If you’ve ever owned a FranklinCovey planner or read any of Stephen Covey’s books then you know he strongly urges his readers to discover what they really want out of life, identify their roles and goals and then create a mission statement.

What if there was a standard mission statement that you could apply to your life without all the extra work?  I think if you are a Christian there is a standard mission statement you can apply to your personal and business life.  That mission is “In all things glorify God.”  That’s pretty simple when you think about it.  Just consider how radically different your life would be if you decided to live every moment to glorify God.

Suddenly you ask am I hanging  with the right group of people?  Are my ambitions in line with God’s will for my life?  What about entertainment?  Am I making the right careers moves?  You see when you frame the question with; what glorifies God?  Everything looks different.  Try it and see how it goes.