Our world has changed greatly over the last twenty years.  Today you and I are brands.  We have to market ourselves to be relevant in the workforce.  We must become BrandME!  The question I have is what does this look like if you are a follower of Jesus Christ.  How do you successfully promote yourself; while giving glory to God?  Here are a few ideas I’ve been mulling over.

The first is to embrace the concept that God is Great.  He is awesome and in complete control.  All the resources we have at our fingertips belong to him and he allows us the ability to use them.  At first I thought this was a bit limiting.  I mean what if he takes my stuff away?  But the more I consider it and pray about it, I realize its liberating.  I don’t have anything!  I just take care of it to the best of my ability.

The second concept is a little trickier.  We must allow him to increase his influence in our lives.  Its trickier because it requires action.  This means that God moves from an action item on my to do list to encompass the entire list.  Every action becomes a reflection of his goodness, mercy and grace.  Every action should point those I come in contact with to God.

I believe that once we step aside and allow God to influence our lives, we begin to see things differently.  We begin to look for ways to glorify him.  So that as we promote ourselves, we are really promoting Jesus Christ.  I believe that is the basis for living a He > than BrandME life.