This summer my family vacationed on Pawleys Island.  One day as we were walking  to the beach we passed a young couple getting out of a car with “Just Married” on the back windshield.  Pretty soon they were on the beach to our left.  The new husband was carrying fishing tackle and made his way into the surf.  A few minutes later his new wife came to bring him back to the beach chairs to sit with her.  Ten minutes later he is back in the surf only to be brought back to the chairs.  He tries again; no luck and again; no good.  Finally he puts the fishing tackle down and joins his new wife in the beach chairs.

I was reminded of this story a couple of weeks ago as Lou Holtz laid out his simple formula for living life.  A key ingredient is WIN; What’s Important Now.  It works like this: 1) You choose your attitude, 2) Focus on your purpose, 3) Dream and set goals, 4) Make good choices.  If you apply the WIN concept to all four actions, then you will find that choosing a good attitude is always the most important action right now.  You’ll discover that focusing on your purpose is the right action right now. 3) You find that dreams and goals will help your attitude and form your purpose.  Finally you’ll know that making  good decisions is always the most important action right now.

So as you go through your day and week ask yourself ; What’s important now?  Then act on it.