I’ll never forget how excited I was when I bought my first PDA.  It was a Handspring Treo 90.  A stand alone device.  I used it to take notes in college classes and capture ideas as they sprang into my mind.  Not to mention playing Submarine Hunt and Go.  Then one day I noticed an irritating spot on the screen and my handspring died.  I tried to replace it with a Palm Z22 and a Moleskine notebook with ballpoint pen.  But they just didn’t work as well as the Treo.  Then one day I decided to take a serious look at the iPod Touch and I love it!  Here’s why.

1) I can customize it to be anything I want it to be or do anything I want or need it to be.

2)  Email.  Most buildings have free Wifi.  That means I can keep in touch with my networks.

3) Great way to capture ideas.

4) Fantastic way to share ideas.

5) Games

6) Its a calender.

7) Speed TV App.  What better way to keep up with racing news!

8) Music Music Music

9) Its a camera!

10) Mobile Search.

The best part of this device is that has the potential for endless expansion.  So if you don’t have one, let me encourage you to get one.  And buy some Skullcandy to go with it.